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Open to Public                 Oct 17 – Nov 7 2011          Mon- Fri 12-8pm

Faculty of Arts Gallery    Grand Parade                    University of Brighton


SYMPOSIUM                      Fri Oct 14th 2011                Time 2-5pm

Private View                       Fri Oct 14th 2011                Time 5-7pm


The first dedicated UK retrospective of renowned European artist, Peter Vogel opens at the University of Brighton, UK, in October. Curated jointly by Conall Gleeson and Jean Martin, the exhibition explores the subject of sound in gallery spaces through Vogel's interactive sound objects.


The exhibition features a significant number of VogelŐs important works including the two innovative and interactive large-scale works, the Sound Wall and the Shadow Orchestra. These will form the core of the exhibition that will also include smaller sound and light kinetic sculptures.


Peter VogelŐs works are difficult to categorise, they demonstrate a breakdown of the boundaries across practices within fine art and performance traditions and question established relationships between sculpture and sound, seeing and hearing, the static and the live, as well as challenging the place of sound within the historiography of gallery spaces. They refuse to align with any single artistic movement yet resonate with the aims of so many.


Drawing on the artistic values of the 20th century as much as prefiguring the emerging concerns of the 21st, Dr Nye Parry writes that Vogel's "pieces combine the open form sensibilities of interactive multimedia with an almost classical visual aesthetic that emphasises clean lines, balanced forms and delicate structures. They ask new questions about the relationship between the spectator and the aesthetic object that bring it right up to date with contemporary artistic and philosophical enquiry. Vogel emphasises the importance of the perception of time in his work and the use of sound and light to articulate this using his skill as a circuit designer to create beautiful soundmachines that respond to the movements of gallery visitors".


A DVD documentary directed by the exhibition curators accompanies the exhibition. It explores VogelŐs work in the context of contemporary sound art practices and features interviews and discussions with, the artist and writer David Toop; the Berlin based Professor Helga de la Motte who established sound art as an academic research field in Germany and Matthias Osterwold, curator of the Sonambiente Festival 1996 in Berlin, and who is now artistic director of the Maerz Music Festival in Berlin.


Curators:  Jean Martin and Conall Gleeson, Faculty of Arts, University of Brighton


The Performativity of Sound, Sculpture and Space





Fri Oct 14th 2011, 2-5pm


Sallis Benney Theatre, Faculty of Arts, Grand Parade, University of Brighton


The Sound of Shadows: Peter Vogel Exhibition is preceded by a symposium which draws upon issues relating to the body, sound and space. Talks from leading artists and academics in the fields of sound art and sculpture will present a contextualised framework in which to engage and reflect upon relations between sound and space, the object and the spectator, the tangible and the ephemeral in the works of Peter Vogel as well as across the multivaried practices within the field of sound art.

Guest speakers include sound artist Derek Shiel and Max Eastley, Dr. Nye Parry, Dr. Kersten Glandien and artist, curator and writer David Toop.


The symposium is presented by the Applied Performance Practice Research Institute (APPRI) at the University of Brighton in association with The Sound of Shadows Peter Vogel Exhibition and The Faculty of Arts, Sounding Out the Museum Research Group.


Admission: Open to public

Curators: Jean Martin and Conall Gleeson, Faculty of Arts, University of Brighton



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